What we offer and why


1. Great network into art world

Since 2000, we have developed personal relationships with international artists from Europe's best art academies. Additionally, we have established a great network to galleries in London and New York. Needless to say, we visit the most important art fairs on a regular basis to be up to date on the art market.

2. Price Transparency

You will know exactly whom you are paying for and what. We will let you know and make clear how much the artwork costs and how much fee we charge.

3. Hand-picked Artists' Selection

We have developed a scoring card that helps us to filter examples of great art from the not so great and clearly define artists with enormous potential for you. As well, we do know all the artists we support and offer artwork from personally.

4. Profound market data research

Before buying any art, we research all available market data about the artist and the artwork. As well, we take into consideration all available market trends. Both data will serve you as decision-making tool whether to buy or not.

5. Investment in great opportunities

With all our background information, we look out for great opportunities to buy and invest wisely. Similar to a Value Investing Strategy, we build your Art Investing Plan.